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With over 3000 years of history, yacht charter Zadar is certainly one of the oldest towns in Croatia and one that has a lot of historical monuments with which to attract masses of tourists. When you add the overall natural beauty of the region and the sailing potential, you understand why this is such a favorite on the sailing circuit.

Located in northern Dalmatia between Split and Rijeka, yacht charter Zadar is the capital city of the region with a beauty of architecture rivaled by few medieval cities on earth. From above, it looks like the town has been drawn on paper, with the large Romanesque-style churches dotting the city architecture.

The old part of town is located on a small peninsula on which medieval buildings sit baking in the sun, divided only by narrow cobble-stone streets. In fact, the only signs of modern life here are cars, otherwise you'd get the distinct feeling that you stepped in another century when entering Zadar.

There are 34 churches in town, which is a significantly high number when compared to other places in Croatia, all of which are definitely worth visiting, not only for their architectural beauty but also for their rich history.

Another great attraction is the Roman forum, the Saint Anastasia cathedral, the University of Zadar (incidentally the first to be built in the country), the Archaeological Museum and the very odd but quite amazing Sea Organ on the Riva. All of these should keep you busy for quite a while and some of them might actually convince you to return to the city for a second trip.

As far as shopping goes, yacht charter Zadar is a sought-after destination since not only tourists come here to shop but also some of the local Croatians from other cities. You'll find lots of commercial centers where there are some good deals but the best place to find local souvenirs are at the nice street shops which sell anything from Pag laces to traditional sheepskin sleepers.

The restaurant scene in Zadar can be described by two words: relaxed and reasonably-priced. The laid-back atmosphere means you won't have to get dressed up just to go out to dinner while the reasonably-priced attribute is pretty self-explanatory. We recommend you try some of the local delicacies such as the ispod peka, roasted octopus under glowing ash from an iron bell. It goes well from the famous wines from the region.

The nightlife is as varied as the daytime entertainment. The idea to keep in mind is that you'll always find something to do here and there is something for everyone here. There are many outdoor cafes where you can see lots of students enjoying a drink. The paved seafront is one of the most famous in Europe for the sunsets it provides, especially since here you can enjoy the unique sounds of the Sea Organ.